Put the shell into Forklift Parts pressure tank for casting,when finished,immediately closed pressure tank,then ventilate high pressure air or inert gas into tank, making castings solidification under pressure to increase the density of castings.The maximum pressure in abroad has reached 150ATM.

It have a exact quality management and testing ways for castings with heat treatment,machining and surface treatment requirements with a purpose for first class investment castings.


a variety of invesment casting testing equipments like direct-reading spectrometer,large-type metallurgical microscope,hydraulic universal testing machine,low temperature impact tester,brinell&rockwell hardness tester,X-ray,magnetic particle and ultrasonic flaw detector,ect.


Heat treatment of cast steel consists of three stages: heating, heat preservation and cooling.


The determination of its parameters are based on ensuring quality and cost savings of investment castings.


Cast steel main heat treatment ways according to different heating and cooling conditions are:


Annealing,normalizing,homogenization treatment, quenching,tempering,solution treatment,precipitation hardening and eliminating hydrogan treatment.


Samples could also be sent to our customers for inspection and see whether they are ok for assembling before mass Marine Parts production.