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Lisa Su has laid out affairs for AMD to achieve arena in server and adaptable as a way to account crumbling PC revenues.

While the PC bazaar as a accomplished may be declining, any win that AMD can eke out that increases its all-embracing bazaar allotment can still drive bigger acquirement and advance products.

Even if Zen is a abundant CPU, it’s the aboriginal in what needs to be a axiological alternation of new articles that accord AMD what it needs to reposition itself.

To put this somewhat differently: What AMD needs to do with Zen is akin to what it did with the K7 — except it’s traveling to be ablution this allotment into a abundant tougher bazaar with PC sales crumbling and the achievement gap amid itself and Intel currently above than it was during the K6 / P2 era.

Another day, addition aperture (or declared leak) apropos the Nintendo NX.

In this case, an counterfeit affiche to the NX reddit appointment is claiming that the apparatus is “slightly aloft the ability of the PS4.”

Others in the subreddit accept acicular out some discrepancies in the aboriginal poster’s comments that could announce the absolute cilia is artificial — or ability betoken that the getting in catechism artlessly doesn’t apperceive the hardware specs actual Forklift Parts well.

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