The Forklift Parts wax is again carved and shaped into a abundant archetypal for the final image.

The archetypal is again covered by layers of clay, which takes the abrogating anatomy of the wax on the central appropriately acceptable a casting for the metal that will be caked central it.

Drain ducts are larboard for the wax, which melts abroad if the adobe is cooked.

The wax is again replaced by the aqueous metal, which is caked in and hardens amid the amount and the close apparent of the mold.

The metal fills the casting and takes the aforementioned appearance as the wax.

The alien band of adobe is again chipped off and the metal figure is able and accomplished as desired.

Burn-out oven (kiln) with pyrometer. Needed to bake out model. A anhydrate with a pyrometer will appearance at a glance the authentic anhydrate temperature.

Torch. Oxygen/Acetylene bake for melting metal. A “rosebud” tip is acclimated to cook the metal faster.Eye protection.

Find eyewear aphotic abundant to assure your eyes from the blaze of the torch, while acceptance you to see able-bodied abundant to move about the workshop.

Hand protection. Heat aggressive gloves for removing hot flasks from the anhydrate and tongs for administration hot flasks.

Crucible. Get a big abundant affliction to authority abundant aqueous metal for the cast. If there isn’t abundant metal to ample the mold, you’ll lose castings.