Train Parts Prior to working for Broadcom, he was the VP of engineering for NetLogic and oversaw development of the XLP980, a high-end networking and communications processor (NetLogic was acquired by Broadcom).

Kevin Smith has seen good and bad times for the local construction industry, but the current environment, he said, most definitely is among the good times.

“It hasn’t been better than this in a long, long time,” said Mr. Smith, chief executive officer of the Associated General Contractors of Northwest Ohio.

Besides adding jobs, the boom in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan construction projects has made cash registers ring for those who rent heavy equipment — everything from small forklifts to cranes that can lift 1,000 tons — to the contractors building everything from new roads to power plants.

“It’s going be a good year but a stressful year trying to keep everybody supplied and happy,” said Bryan Cox, a sales representative at NES Rentals in Perrysburg Township, a firm that rents aerial-lift equipment, boom lifts, industrial forklifts, and regular forklifts.

Todd Hepler arrived outside Oak Park Mall Thursday and spoke the words that many in Austin have anticipated for several months, if not longer: “It’s coming down.”

Work to turn the former Oak Park Mall space into a new 60,000- to 90,000-square-foot Hy-Vee grocery store took a pivotal step forward when Hy-Vee Construction took down the old front entrance of what was once the food court.

Following a malfunction of the popular Upper Ferry, divers from West Side Fire Department in Bivalve searched the cold, dark Wicomico River and retrieved parts the ferry Excavator Parts lost.

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