The Flex Stainless Steel Precision Casting Tech access gives our barter a single, abreast activity administrator who can accommodate abundant advice at any date of production, while giving NPC the adeptness to finer plan and administer circuitous allotment projects.

When your manufacturing, assembly, or accumulation aggregation requires top quality, dependable investment casting products, it’s important to acquisition a accomplice aloft which you can thoroughly await for all your investment casting needs.


R2 Superior Castings is a attention investment casting aggregation specializing in the accumulation of superb superior adamant and non-ferrous attention casting apparatus and abiding propellers for aliment processing and automated applications.


We professionally aftermath abreast net shaped castings and can handle accumulation runs alignment from 1 to 5,000 locations with ease.


If your aggregation requires angry superior attention investment casting casework with the a lot of economical appraisement and lead-times, there is artlessly no bigger best than R2 Superior Castings.


Cinda Investment Casting Branch was developed from a baby machining branch set up at 1993 if we alone had several simple able lathes and milling machines.


Along with the booming of attention casting industry in area, we took advantage of the befalling to aggrandize our business to the upstream industries.


Currently we accept our own silica sol branch and investment casting foundry.


All of our abstraction abstracts are supplied by our own silica sol factory.